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My global staff is one of the most amazing groups of people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. As a whole, we are passionate about health and breast cancer prevention. I am humbled and amazed on a daily basis by the love that everyone who works for KAB has for each other and our communities! Keep A Breast is not a typical breast cancer organization. We have done the impossible: We have engaged, educated, and mobilized an entire generation of young people through our unique approach. Never before has the generation approaching and just beginning adulthood been as educated as it is about breast cancer prevention. In it’s hands, this information will lead to a decreased in future cancer deaths. These are the wonderful people to thank for that. Please meet my team of activists, educators, hipsters, artists, geniuses, geeks, yogis, survivors, and most importantly - lovers.

--Shaney jo Darden, KAB Founder & Global CEO


Shaney jo Darden


Founder and Global CEO; Master KAB Breast Caster, Lady Chief, Global Citizen

4 Fav songs/bands I listen to while I ride my bike:

  1. Rocket From the Crypt
  2. Three Mile Pilot
  3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  4. Eminem

KAB Magic Moment:

There are so many…Getting hugs from the people I meet at events, and being told how much Keep A Breast means to them…Sitting at Environmental Working Group’s farm-to-table dinner, and realizing how special it is that we have the opportunity to learn from such great groups of individuals…Getting powerful letters in the mail from high school kids that have been impacted by cancer…breast casting cancer survivors, and seeing the look on their faces when they see how beautiful the finished cast is.

Recipe for happiness:

Take my family, my love, friends, work, art, beauty, yoga, and cycling, sprinkle generously with love. Pulse in a Vita Mix blender until smooth. Top with fresh blueberries and share with friend at room temperature

Daily Inspiration:

  1. My Mom
  2. The sunshine
  3. Love notes
  4. Meditation