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By becoming a Member of The Keep A Breast Foundation Europe, you are supporting us in achieving our mission. You’ll be joining many others around the world to help eradicate breast cancer, support loved ones, spread the message of early detection, and encourage best health practices.

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€25 – Club Members:

Receive all the benefits of Club Members, plus an exclusive Keep A Breast sticker, an exclusive I Love Boobies! license plate, and an I Love Boobies! bracelet.

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€150 – Treasured Chest Member:

For each Membership at this level, KAB will send one woman newly diagnosed with breast cancer a DIY home breast casting kit. These unique kits are part of the KAB and Young Survival Coalition (YSC) Treasured Chest Program, which helps young women (under 40) diagnosed with breast cancer prepare for dramatic physical changes associated with the loss, partial removal, or shrinkage of a breast. This Membership level is truly special, as it supports survivors directly. For your donation, you will receive a personal Thank You card from The Keep A Breast Foundation for the opportunity to help us turn a casted torso into a beautiful work of art.

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Check out our DIY Action program, which allows you to help raise funds for the Keep A Breast Foundation Europe through local, grassroots event production.

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Corporate Partners

Partnering with The Keep A Breast Foundation Europe can produce mutual benefits and amazing results for both sides. Today’s market is drawn to authentic brands that support specific causes such as breast cancer prevention. The strength of our mission, and our ability to reach youth culture, can help brands achieve their humanitarian initiatives.

There are a variety of ways to work with KAB as a corporate partner:

  • Sponsor a KAB DIY event
  • Create co-branded products
  • Submit a proposal on ways you think our organizations can work together
  • Email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

Past KAB Corporate Partners have worked with us on a variety of creative and leading-edge programs and projects. They include: Obey, MacBeth, Roxy, Blink 182, Vans Warped Tour, Rusty, Etnies, and many others.