Cancer Facts


According to The International Agency For Research On Cancer:

  • Breast cancer is from far the most frequent of all female diagnosed cancers: 1 woman out of 3 in EUROPE and in the entire world.
  • In France, an estimation based on ratios says that 1 woman out of 10 will be touched by breast cancer during her life.
  • Every second, 1 woman is diagnosed suffering from breast cancer, somewhere in Europe.
  • Lung cancer and breast cancer are the most fatal for the whole population in Europe, in the United-States and even at an international level.
  • However, breast cancer is the first reason of death of women suffering from cancer in Europe (1 out of 8 is breast cancer).


  • In 2012, nearly 88,000 of patients lost their lives because of breast cancer, which is almost equivalent to the London Wembly stadium (FYI: 90,000 people and the 2nd largest stadium in Europe).

  • Men do have mammary glands, even if they are smaller. Nevertheless they are also affected by this disease (less than 1% of the cases).

  • It is essential to inform and to raise awareness, to avoid late diagnosis finding a cancer at a serious stage.

  • Breast cancer is the most frequent for European women, but the mortality rate is low and getting lower.

  • A substantial decrease of death by cancer was up to 9% in 2012 in Europe, even with young women who are more impervious to treatments and for whom cancer is usually more aggressive.

  • It is possible to estimate that these improvements are due to therapy progress, but also to awareness and detection campaigns, that allow us to detect cancers as fast as possible. (Source: Survey published in Annals of Oncology, 2012).