Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much of Your Product Sales Go Toward Your Cause?


By buying an authentic Keep A Breast item you are directly funding The Keep A Breast Foundation's programs.

Your support helps KAB's mission to eradicate breast cancer for future generations. With the sale of these items, KAB has started a movement that has raised millions of dollars to increase our activities to educate people and create awareness around the world.

Please visit our financial section to see how the purchase of KAB Merch directly funds the foundation.

How Can I Get Involved?


Keep A Breast wants to enable activism by young people, and we acknowledge that young people want to play a part of a bigger and better good. We have developed multiple ways to contribute time, influence, ideas and energy to our Mission. These range from adding us to your social network to throwing your own benefit show.

Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Fundraise For Breast Cancer Prevention Interested in creating a custom online fundraiser page for Keep A Breast? We have all the online tools to get you started! Whether you want to have friends donate on behalf of your birthday, help us with our yearlong campaign to educate young people about breast cancer prevention, start a dedication page, or support a survivor - we have the perfect, easy, and immediate fundraising page for you!

Join the KAB Foundation to help increase breast cancer awareness among young people so they are better equipped to make choices and develop habits that will benefit their long-term health and well being. Your tax deductible donation will help eradicate breast cancer by supporting our efforts of exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection and support.

  • Organize a DIY Action Fundraiser We encourage anyone to consider throwing a grassroots fundraiser. From small concerts, to a car wash, to monthly nights at your venue, you can raise funds for Keep A Breast’s education and prevention outreach programs! We will provide you with the necessary educational materials to educate your peers, as well as Keep A Breast T-shirts. We want to work with you during the planning process as well as provide you with promotional tools to help make your event a success. Visit our DIY Action page for more information – We can’t wait to hear from you!

  • Volunteer or Intern for KAB Keep A Breast is often looking for volunteers and interns all over the world, as well as our offices in Los Angeles, CA. You will make a huge difference in so many lives and on top of that you will inspire those around you to be active and do something positive in their own communities. Check our Volunteer page frequently. We also do “call outs” for event volunteers on Facebook & Twitter, so follow us there!

  • Donate to KAB You can donate directly to The Keep A Breast Foundation. Your donation will go to youth outreach and education of breast cancer prevention. You can donate as little as $5 at our Donate page.

  • Buy official Keep A Breast Cause Merchandise The majority of our support comes from our cause merchandise. Our shirts, bracelets and other gear are upbeat awareness tools that engage young people in a subject that is scary and taboo. The merchandise allows people to support KAB and engage in conversation with people that might be going through the same emotions they are feeling.

You can find Keep A Breast Cause merchandise online on our Official Keep A Breast Shop. It can also be purchased from retailers Zumiez, Tilly’s, and CCS, as well as hospital waiting rooms and oncology rooms across America.

The funds raised from the sale of our cause merchandise support Keep A Breast education and awareness programs. It also allows us to distribute breast cancer research grants to organizations interested in making a positive and lasting impact on breast cancer prevention. Grantees include Teens Turning Green, Environmental Working Group and a unique Green Janitorial Program for schools.

Learn more at our i love boobies! programs page.

Can I Volunteer for the Entire Summer On The Vans Warped Tour?


As much as we’d love to have a band of volunteers out all summer, the cost of housing and transportation for those individuals would be too high too. But we're always looking for volunteers for each city when Warped Tour comes around. We usually put a call-out on social and send an email via our Official Monthly Newsletter.

My School Says I Can't Support Your Organization by Wearing Your Bracelets - What Do I Do?


We have seen our I Love Boobies! bracelets questioned or banned at several schools. It has been great to see students, parents, the ACLU and even Federal Court Judges rally behind Keep A Breast and our Mission.

So your school banned the bracelets? What can you do? Well, we can’t give you legal advice, and we can’t guarantee you won’t get in trouble for wearing one, but we can tell you respond by respectfully explaining to your school administration what the bracelets represent, and why you support The Keep A Breast Foundation.

Learn More About What You Can Do Here!

I Saw "I Love Boobies! " Merchandise That Wasn't from You - Does the Money Go to KAB?



Many of you have contacted us about products that look like Keep A Breast merchandise, but are sold on street corners and random places, or look a little "off". Unfortunately, proceeds from these counterfeit do not go to The KAB Foundation.

The Keep A Breast Foundation is the registered owner of the trademarks I Love Boobies and Keep A Breast Products. KAB products are sold to raise money for KAB's programs and events, and to support our Mission to eradicate breast cancer by exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection and support.

For more info on where and where not to buy our merchandise, visit I love Boobies!

If you do find a counterfeit item:

  • Purchase a sample of the fake item and send it to KAB.
  • Take photos of the fake items and email them to
  • Email the location of purchase, name and address of company and any other information to

  • Ask the seller where they got the merchandise, and to provide a website that explains where the money is going.

Why Does Keep A Breast Make “I Love Boobies! ” Merchandise Instead of a Pink Ribbon?


The purpose of Keep A Breast’s "I Love Boobies!" Campaign is to speak to young people in their own voice. We want to reach our target audience in a way that is authentic, inspiring and refreshing, and Pink ribbons often do not resonate with, and are not relevant to, the experiences of people under 30. We also focus on prevention, and developed our merchandise to add an upbeat, positive “can do” attitude to prevention dialogue. We work with artists, athletes, celebrities, and musicians that young people look up to, and “I love Boobies!” matches their spirit and creativity.

Why is Keep A Breast not a rated charity on Charity Navigator?


Keep A Breast is not currently on Charity Navigator because we have not been chosen. They choose what charities they evaluate based on the 990s reported to the IRS. Charity Navigator evaluates charities that account for roughly 50% of the donations in America. But with approximately 1 million charities in this country, there are many that they have't rated inclusion. Keep A Breast falls into that category. If chosen we will happily provide then with any info they require.

Where does the money raised go?


Funds raised from donations and official KAB cause merchandise go to support Keep A Breast education and awareness programs. These unique programs use art, creative expression and grassroots action to inform young people about methods of prevention, early detection, coping and support. Through these programs, The Keep A Breast Foundation strives to eradicate breast cancer by inspiring young people to adopt lifestyle choices that have long-term health benefits.

For example, funds raised in 2010 allowed us to keep our grassroots Traveling Educational Booth on the road for over 250 days that year. They also allowed us to launch The Keep A Breast Non Toxic Revolution Program in 2011. In addition, we expanded all of our prevention, education and support programs domestically and internationally. You can learn more about all of these on our Programs page.

The money we raise also goes to our KAB Grants program. We award grants to leaders and organizations that are taking a stand to make the world a better, healthier place for future generations through alternative care, environmental effects or cutting edge research.

In 2010 and 2011 combined, over $200,000 dollars was donated to research and environmental programs including:

  • The University of California San Diego
  • California State University Fresno
  • Essentially Pink
  • Bloom Natural Health
  • The Rack Pack
  • Teens Turning Green
  • Environmental Working Group
  • A Unique Green Janitorial Program for Schools

Learn more about KAB Grant Recipients.

Can I Carry Your Cause Merchandise in My Store?


If you are interested in carrying Keep A Breast’s merchandise in your store please email Include the following information in your email:

  • Store name and location
  • Why you want to carry Keep A Breast Merchandise
  • Whether you are able to display POP boxes, and include our messaging on your website
  • How you’d communicate the Keep A Breast message to your employees/staff
  • Whether you currently carry any other nonprofit cause merchandise
  • Links to your site/social network pages

Can I Sell Keep A Breast™ Bracelets in Bulk to Raise Money for Another Nonprofit?


The majority of our support comes from our cause merchandise. We have Fundraising Kits for parties looking to raise money for KAB or other worthy nonprofits available here. The fundraising kit includes 100 bracelets, a magazine with healthy living tips and support information, breast self exam cards and information on The Keep A Breast Foundation.

Many choose to purchase our fundraising kits to raise funds for breast cancer walks or other fundraising events by selling the bracelet at a higher donation price. If you wish to do this, please make it clear to your buyers that $3 of each bracelet is donated to The Keep A Breast Foundation.

Does Keep A Breast Donate to Research?


Yes. The Keep A Breast Foundation awards grants to leaders and organizations that are taking a stand to make the world a better, healthier place for future generations through alternative care, environmental effects or cutting edge research. In 2010 and 2011 combined, over $200,000 dollars was donated to research and environmental programs including: The University of California San Diego, California State University -Fresno, Essentially Pink, Bloom Natural Health, The Rack Pack, Teens Turning Green, Environmental Working Group and a unique Green Janitorial Program for schools.

Learn more at KAB Grants

Can I Apply for a Keep A Breast Grant?


Keep A Breast encourages new understanding of breast cancer prevention, early detection, and the importance of living a healthy toxic free lifestyle through our KAB Grants program. KAB research grants are open to nonprofit registered 501(c)(3) charity organizations and individuals dedicated to putting an end to breast cancer through positive impact.

Keep A Breast has been awarded The Humane Charity Seal of Approval and is committed to providing vital services and advancing research without the use of animals and ask that only like-minded charities apply.

Learn about the latest round of grants at KAB Grants.

How can I get Casted?


If you have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, we invite you to be casted as part of our Treasured Chest Program. The program offers newly-diagnosed women a unique opportunity to document their body and their feelings at a specific time in their treatment by turning their casted torso into a beautiful piece of art. The Keep A Breast Foundation Breast Casts™ harness the power of art and artistic expression to communicate complex feelings and thoughts about health, the female form and ultimately about breast cancer. Visit Treasured Chest for more info.

If you have not been diagnosed with breast cancer but would like to be casted to support Keep A Breast, you can do so with a $1,000 donation. The donation directly funds 10 casting kits for our Treasured Chest Program. Email with “Cast Me” in the Subject Line.

Can I Have My Own Breast Cast Exhibition in My City?


Yes! You can organize a local Breast Cast Exhibition through our DIY Action Program. This is a grassroots fundraising program that offers supporters a chance to organize and create their very own breast cast exhibition from start to finish with the help of a certified KAB casting expert. Proceeds are donated to Keep A Breast and to a local breast cancer charity. Visit DIY Action for more info.

Can I Paint a Breast Cast?


Yes! Some of today’s most progressive artists have painted our breast casts, including Shepard Fairey, Mike Giant, Jeana Sohn, Mark Gonzales, Craig Stecyk, Jeff Ho, Angela Boatwright, and Ed Templeton. We are always looking for amazing artists to contribute their talents. Send your online portfolio along with a bio to with “ARTIST and YOUR CITY” in the Subject Line. (ie ARTIST, AUSTIN TX)

I Would Like to Interview Someone at Keep a Breast. Who Do I Contact?


For all press inquiries, please email us at Please allow a 24-hour response time for all inquiries. If an immediate response is needed, please include so in the subject of the email.