Our Mission statement describes what we want to achieve. Our Mantra outlines the four approaches we take to achieve it:

These four approaches are not separate or sequential. None is more important than the others. All are woven into everything we do, and all are related to each other. For example, art is an action that increases awareness and educates viewers about an idea or perspective.


From the start we’ve known that art and creative output are important tools for communicating difficult subject matter. The creative process breaks down barriers of expression when words are difficult to find.


Everything we do involves education, beyond straightforward facts and figures. KAB is committed to creative teaching techniques, from bringing interactive exhibits to young people at music tours to developing our Check Your Self! cards.


Breast health has been viewed as older woman’s issue for too long. KAB is committed to raising awareness of the disease among young people by developing new narratives and new approaches to outreach.


Learning, creating and understanding are best achieved through involvement. Our outreach relies on grassroots action at all levels, from storytelling at our Travelling Education Booth to organizing benefit shows through our DIY Action program.